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About Us

Purpose of fun88

Kidz FeedTo provide authentic, well researched and informative content that is easy to read and understand.

Our Intended Audience

  • Kids
  • Parents
  • School Teachers
  • Those who want to learn

The Unique Content Format

fun88 presents its content in a unique format using numbered headings, bullet points, pictures, videos and slideshows. This not only makes learning from fun88 interesting but also provides a clear picture about the topic. The headings mostly consists of the frequently asked questions about the topic, this helps in learning about every aspect of the topic.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced & qualified authors and editors, who are well versed in online research & writing. Extraordinary efforts are made to get information from authentic and reliable sources.

We Welcome Feedback

We welcome feedback both positive & negative. We are humans and we do make mistakes. We are always ready to rectify them. If you find something wrong, we really appreciate those who report us our mistakes. If you have any suggestions or complains feel free to contact any time at our Contact Us page.